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I’m up bright and early to finish off this Thanksgiving weekend with quite a bit of activity.

I’m getting ready to leave for Orlando, where I will be co-officiating the wedding of Megan and Michael tonight at the Winter Park Civic Center.  The wedding is a Catholic-Jewish wedding, and I am co-officiating with Father Tim.  The ceremony is a great blend of traditions, and I look forward to writing more about it when I return.

On Sunday morning, upon my return, I am leading a memorial service for a wonderful man who was a legendary father and grandfather.  The stories I have heard about him made me remember my own, and reminded me that even though I had a short time with him in my life, he left me with memories I will cherish forever, and a legacy that leads me through life even today.  How fortunate we are if we have parents and grandparents who shower us with unconditional love.  I know that this man’s presence was terribly missed at the family’s Thanksgiving this year, but they remembered him with joy and happiness, a true testament to the legacy he left behind.

Shortly after I return, I will be leaving for St. Maarten, where I will be officiating the wedding of Keith & Faith.  This is an amazing power-couple!  I cannot wait to spend time with them and their families, and I know this trip is going to be another life-changing experience.  I love my job!

Stay tuned, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.




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Shabbat – The busier I get, the more I crave a Shabbat day to retreat from the world, reflect, meditate, and pray.  I remember sitting at the windmill park next to the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.  A true Shabbat – just me, fresh air, no traffic, no chaos, no radios, phones, or tv’s.  Some days, I just wish I could transport myself back there.

“Not this weekend”, the chilling voice of reality shouts.  SO much to do, and the weekend just got busier.

I had planned a quiet day, but it will now start at 6am with a quick workout, and then a shlep all the way out to Weston Volvo to pick up my car.  (Very thankful that it is still under warranty, by the way)  After that, a newly scheduled 9am call with the daughter of the 91 year old man I am doing a funeral for tomorrow.  I was thankful that it was someone who had lived a full life, but then I learrned that he was the father of 3 daughters, and I immediately thought of my Dad.  I’m so lucky he’s young, and healthy, and that the thought of that kind of sadness in my family is so far off, but, it makes me sad to think about, nonetheless.  But when I spoke with one of his daughters, she was so excited that I would be doing the funeral.  She felt my personality through the phone, and was happy that there would be a woman to eulogize him, and to pray for him.  The theme of strong women in their family was their mantra, and he loved his girls.  I’m proud to be able to be a source of comfort to them in their time of need.

Then, I will have to get busy and finish the wedding ceremony for Saturday, because early Saturday morning, I will attend Mindy’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah (as a guest) for just long enough to hear Emily chant her Torah & Haftorah portion, because then, I will be in a car headed for Orlando, to do the wedding of Michelle & Brandon.

This is a very cute couple.  Their years are young, but their heads are wise.  They have a very mature relationship.  They work hard to live a proper life, with incredibly strong family values.  I cannot wait to meet them.

Then – with a little luck, I’m going to try to see the kids, somehow, if they have time for their Mom.  I miss them soooo much this week.  We might even go do something fun in Orlando.  Or – they will be too busy, and I’ll just head home to get a head start on more High Holiday prep.

Speaking of which – the plans have changed for High Holidays – I’ve decided to work exclusively this year with Temple Beth David in West Palm Beach.  I fell in love with the Rabbi & Cantor, and I hope I have found a new little home there, because I just love the energy they bring to their work.  I’ll write more next week about the decision, but I know in my heart it was the right one.

Now, off to prepare for a very busy weekend.  Shabbat Shalom.  (Truly – may you have peace)

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