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I got a DM on Twitter a couple of weeks ago from Liuba, at surviveweddingseason.com, asking me if I’d be interested in writing some tips for her website, and I’m super excited to say that my blog entry was published today!

Please head on over – not just to see my post, but to check out all the great information Liuba provides on her blog.  It is actually written to appeal to the guests of the wedding, which is a pretty unique perspective –

So, if you like what I wrote – please drop me a note – and Liuba, as well.  Or, if you like Liuba’s site – let her know that too.  I love supporting my peers through social media!

Thanks, Liuba!  Stay tuned for “What to expect at a Jewish Wedding”…soon to follow!



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I just looked at the date, and realized we are halfway through March, and I haven’t even finished blogging about February, yet.  March has already been a very fun month for me, as I just got back from spending a few personal days in Atlanta, and had such a great time.

When I came back from the Puerto Rico wedding, I quickly got ready for Leah’s Bat Mitzvah.  I have a friend who tutors children, and they were looking for someone to officiate the ceremony, so we worked as a team together.  It was really enjoyable, and the family was so much fun to work with.  The Bat Mitzvah was held on a Saturday evening, so we held a Havdalah service, which seems to be super popular these days.  It happens to be my favorite service, because I love including the contemporary Havdalah music and including everyone in the song and ceremony.  What great fun!  Leah did a great job, as did her sister, who also chanted from the Torah.  It was a beautiful night!

Just before the Bat Mitzvah, I spent a few personal days in Orlando as well, and saw my newest favorite musician, Matt Shenk.  He’s so awesome, and his music is at the top of my “most played” list in Itunes.  He is a master guitar player, has an awesome voice, and his words are so relatable!  Check him out at www.mattshenk.com.

Last week, I had the pleasure of officiating the wedding of Micha and Sam.  I don’t have pics yet, so I am saving the blog story, but they were so adorable, I just had to mention them here.  One of the youngest couples I have married, they are also one of the most mature.  I can’t wait for them to get back from their honeymoon, so I can hear how their first week of marriage went!

This weekend, I am performing the wedding for Annie & Greg. Annie is working incredibly hard at pulling off her wedding on a tight budget, and I think she has done an amazing job.  I can’t wait to see the result of her efforts.

I am also performing a Baby Naming for Mason and Emily, Sage and Jonah.  This is the couple I wrote about last week, titled, A Baby Naming, For all the right reasons…I can’t wait for this beautiful event, and to meet these two lucky little boys.

Trevor is home, and in between, I’m going to try to spend as much time as possible with him.  It’s a busy month, and I am so blessed to be so busy!  And I count those blessings, every day…



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Several months ago, I received a marketing package from Esta Asteroff, of MP Artworks, telling me about her clergy referral program.  I have to admit, I may not have taken notice of the site without it, but, after closely looking at her products and prices, I decided to begin recommending her site to my clients.

Several months later, MP Artworks is absolutely my favorite website not only for Jewish and Interfaith Ketubot, but for other wedding products as well.  (My clients love the glass products she sells, also)  Esta personally gets involved with each and every client I recommend, and every client I have had speaks incredibly highly of her.

In today’s economy, every couple should have an affordable, but beautiful, meaningful Ketubah, and MP Artworks makes it possible to have the Ketubah of your dreams.  Drop by, and let Esta know I sent you.

Wedding Ketubahs by MP Artworks

Unique wedding ketubahs you will not see anywhere else, fast turnaround, and just terrific client service (call them up – they will walk you through the process step by step!) Receive 10% off ketubahSTUDIO ketubah designs (enter coupon code DCBJ8I10D). MP Artworks also offers beautiful wedding chuppahs (receive $50 off any chuppah using coupon code DCBJ8I10D-C).


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I was just reading Meg’s blog, A Practical Wedding, and loved one of her most recent posts.

First, she shared a new perspective on the glass breaking in  a Jewish wedding, and that was that an old Moroccan saying was related to the broken glass of a Jewish wedding, in that “A difficult beginning is a good sign”.  It really is true in so many ways.  We are an instant gratification, disposable society sometimes.  We expect our life’s path to roll along smoothly, and often get derailed at the first sign of trouble. It really isn’t about the trouble at all, though, it’s about our perception of it, so if we start out with a little tzurres, perhaps that helps frame the perspective, and helps us appreciate the peaks that the road of life will certainly bring us to, while remembering that the valleys are not so long lived, and give meaning to the experience.

The other topic of her post was our current economic conditions, and its impact on today’s wedding experiences.

Meg – I have one additional perspective to share with you, in response to your sentiment of mild envy at last year’s crop of brides, who were planning well before the onset of layoffs, closures, and the like….Fast forward those brides to today.  They planned without worry, but they were the most unfortunate, because they also most likely incorporated a whole lot of expense and debt into their plans, and guess what they’re thinking today?  I’m sure many are wishing they still had the $10, 20, 30, 40k or MORE they spent on the wedding, because it sure would have helped them get through the difficult times, now, because they possibly lost their jobs or have just been hit financially.

Knowledge is power, and you have much more knowledge today than they did.  You have been given the gift of perspective, so today you can CHOOSE to be more economical, simple, realistic, and responsible.  And in the end, what you will most likely end up with (especially based on the sentiment of your readers) is a more personal experience, knowing that those who surround you on that day are there because YOU are one of the most important people in their lives.  If that’s not a gift, I don’t know what is.

Last year’s brides are not feeling like they got so much of a gift.  I hear many lamenting that they wish they had created a more intimate, personal setting, and not felt so compelled to pay $200 a plate for someone they barely knew.  They (and/or their families) are saddled with debt they really didn’t want nor could afford, and while the memory of the experience begins to fade, the credit card balances are mounting, as finance companies raise rates through the ceiling.  Not so much of a blessing, and certainly not much to envy.

One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE my destination weddings, is because I am always so touched at what every person experiences through them.  Certainly, the guests are the MOST important people in the world to them.  They made it a life priority to take that trip with them, and share in their joy.  They got FAR more than a 5 hour party, they got a life-long experience, of sharing the most relaxing time and special moments.  The final bill is far more palatable than that of a grand-wedding-experience, and provides so many more special memories to look back on.  This year more than ever, we are returning to simpler values, and that is the TRUE blessing of this economy.

I’m actually thankful for it, and while I wouldn’t wish a single hardship on anyone, I suppose that it was, is, and continues to be necessary to re-align our values, to re-think what is important, and to re-define what we consider to be our blessings.  Those brides that are planning their upcoming weddings in this downturn economy – rejoice!  You have the gift of knowledge, perspective, and POWER to choose to do what’s right for yourselves, your families, your friends, and the economy over all.

Life is not about broken glass, it’s about the meaning you give it.



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I am just catching up on life, since last weekend’s wedding, and it’s time to head out again tomorrow.

This weekend I am performing a wedding for Eden & Eduardo, an Interfaith couple in Puerto Rico.  I actually know very few details about the location I’m going to – so it’s kind of a mystery adventure to me right now.  I’m really excited, because Eden is an earthy-sugary sweet girl who just adores Ed, and he adores her.  As far as I know, where I’m going is a 2 hour ride from the airport, in a town called Isabella.  I’m really excited to see the area, and to get to know Eden and Ed’s families.

Stay tuned for updates – when I know where I am going!  🙂

Have a great weekend!


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Heck no.  Why should I be nervous?

Because tomorrow I am officiating the biggest wedding in my career?  For a family known throughout the world for RATING people?  Well, yeah, ok…I’m nervous.  I didn’t say I wasn’t confident, but when you know that people who write about what people do for a living are judging you, then I’d think you might be a bit nervous, too.

Regardless, this wedding is all about the couple, and the couple is definitely something to write home about.  Good looking, brilliant, ambitious, charismatic, benevolent, compassionate, and really-truly, down to earth and very very real.    I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity, and hope that their wedding ceremony is everything they could have ever hoped for.

In the meantime, I’m certainly excited to have my name appear with theirs, in the New York Times.  It was even more special to see it come out on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for details…

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This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of marrying Jerry & Audrey, in a simple, private, and meaningful wedding ceremony at Winters Park, in Pompano Beach, Florida.

With Jerry and Audrey on the water

From the moment Jerry emailed me, several months ago, I knew this was a couple I was really going to enjoy getting to know better.  In the first email he wrote me, from the way he spoke about Audrey, I just knew this was a man who adored the woman he was about to marry, and he was such a mensch!

Jerry adores Audrey!!

It took us some time to carve out an opportunity for an in person meeting, but we finally arranged to meet one Saturday at a bagel shop in Coral Springs.

Of course, I was right about Jerry.  Total mensch.  The kind of man we all want to come home to.  He obviously did adore Audrey, and I knew why.  She was as adorable as he was, and they were clearly in love with each other.  We sat for a couple hours at the bagel place, and they told me some incredible stories about how they were destined to be together.  We even realized we knew some of the same people, and that even WE had a great connection, but..it got even better as time went on.  They told me that some of the stories that many might consider as “coincidences” were what they called “Godwinks” and I couldn’t agree more.  They actually had read a book titled Godwinks, and they felt that so many of the stories they shared were clear examples of the stories they were reading.

We met again at another breakfast spot in Sunrise, and I felt so close to them, that I actually shared one of my own secret stories with them, because I knew they would really appreciate it, and they did.  We knew we had a special connection going on between us, and I was so happy they came into my life.

When it came time to plan the ceremony, they were pretty adamant about one thing – including their older children in their vows.  Jerry was a widow, and before Audrey came into his life, he was pretty lonely, as his boys were grown, and he missed having someone to share his life with.  Audrey was divorced, professional, self sufficient, and a strong, capable woman, raising 2 children, but she was lonely in that area as well.  When they met online (Audrey emailed him, and told him that she liked his attitude!) they just knew immediately that this was the one.

Since then, they have been inseperable, and I know why.  They truly were meant to be together.  In writing the vows, Jerry and Audrey not only made a commitment to each other, but to be great parents to each other’s children, and committing to make a new family by bringing theirs together.  But there was something else that was really special about this wedding, too.  Even Jerry’s Father in Law, and Sister in Law, from his previous marriage were there attending the wedding, for he had worked hard over the years to maintain a relationship with them, after his wife passed away.  I really respected that.

It was important to note, in their ceremony, that they had finally come together at just the right time, and it was the paths that each of them had taken that brought them to each other, so I wanted their past to be noted, and respected.  They made the ceremony personal for their children as well, as they were the 4 chuppah holders – and that chuppah was something else!  It was really a family affair, and I was so hoping it would be perfect for them.  According to Jerry & Audrey – it was, and I couldn’t be happier.

Under the Chuppa!

Once again, I have another couple I hope I stay very close with, as I really want to follow their Godwinks, for a very long time.  Jerry & Audrey – I consider myself so fortunate to have had you for clients, and I wish you and your family the most amazing and beautiful lives together.  WINK!

My guitar, waiting for its song..


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